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The 6 Th. february last year, I saw an exhibit on Louisiana. The museum presented a selected piece of photos by Jacob Holdts. They are a fascinating story about America through four centuries. About a man with a camera, with a lot of sensitivity and a special kind of closeness.

One of my absolut favorite artists is Richard Avedon, who was a photographer. He died in 2004 . The first time i saw hís work was on an exhibet at Louisiana. (Louisiana is a museum in Humlebæk, Denmark.) I wasn’t older than 12 years, and was just beginning to find photography interesting. His pictures were, and is, so capturing and sensitive in an undefinable way. Richard started out by being a fashion photographer, and kept on doing that in many years. But later on he started making photo art.  All of his photos are almost always in black and white, which is really nice and stylish. A year later, I got my self a single reflecs camera, and started shooting pictures everywere I went. So Richard has been very inspiring to me.

Check him out, he was so talented.

Enjoy your self

cute boy smokingI found this amazing webside yesterday. It’s called cute boys smoking, oh my god. I must say, I’m thrilled. They’re fantastic good looking, and on the same time, som very good pictures.

So i definitily think you should check it out.

enjoy your self