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I was in the cinema a few weeks ago, and i saw this American animated 3D movie, Despicable me. It was absolutely amazing. The story is of a supervillian named Gru who plans to use three orphan girls as pawns for a grand scheme, only to find that their innocent love is profoundly changing him. One of the orphan girls, Agnes, caught my heart. She is so cute, and the funniest thing in the movie. And apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so. Her best lines in the movie has been seen on youtube over 5.000.000 times. It’s the best laugh I’ve had in weeks, and it still cracks me up.

Agnes ;




One of my very good friends is running on a scooter. He started out scating for a couple of years, but then he opened his eyes for scooting. (btw, I’m not quite sure about the english word  for the vehicle/sport, but I think you can figure it out by looking at the photos above.) There aren’t many scooter runners ind Denmark, so it’s not something you see very often here.

It’s cool and different, and it’s nice to watch. For me, who has kindda bad nerves, it’s also pretty scary.
Joe (Johan) has been travelling a lot in Europe, in order to participate in competitions and gatherings. Recently he has also been in the States. When he was in Switzerland he won the compitition for runners under 15 on the mini ramp. He is also Scandinavias best. But all this you can watch in a short video(it’s in danish)

Hope you enjoy

My ex-boyfriend has  a lot of these “dolls” by kidrobot. The different models of these dolls is called munnys, dunnys, fat caps and so on.
The idea with all these dolls is that you should design and decorate them yourself.

f.x the Munny doll is a blank figure the owner can decorate using pens, pencils, markers, paint, and other supplies. A Munny doll is made out of vinyl and has movable joints. The first Munny doll was white, and has since been available in other colors such as black, pink, blue, and phosphorescent green. The figure is housed in a box which includes 4 random accessories
that vary from a different series (1 through 4, 4 being the latest) such as a carrot or a hat.

Dunny is a kind of vinyl designer toy created by Paul Budnitz and Tristan Eaton,and produced by Kidrobot circa 2004 onwards.

The toy is based on a rabbit figure with distinctive tubular ears. The origin of the name dunny came from a combination of street slang and one of the early “Devil Bunny” prototype. Dunny comes in three sizes – 3″, 8″ and 20″. The toy has three points of articulation; a 360 degree rotational head and two arms. Dunny sometimes comes with accessories that fit inside the sockets of the hand, such as a laser gun or an ice-cream cone. Sometimes the accessories can be as sophisticated
as a gas mask, a crown or even a hoodie. An artist card or sticker is also included with the dunny.

Most 3″ dunnys and some 8″ dunnys are normally sold as “blind assortment”, meaning the dunny is packaged inside a sealed foil wrapper, such that the buyer is not able to see which assortment they are buying. Sealing the figure prevents people from opening and peeking in the boxes and buying only the figures they want. Especially since not all figures are sold in the same ratio, some figures are harder to find than others. The rare or hard to find figures in a set is referred as a “chase”.

Starting with the LA Series, the major series release now contain “Golden Tickets” which are redeemable for a limited edition dunny.

With the release of Series 5, most dunnys are packaged inside a clear plastic bag in addition to the foil wrapper. In the second-hand market, this assures the buyer that the article was never on display and is in a “new” condition.

It’s the same with the fat caps. The fat caps are my favorite, even though I really don’t have much knowledge about these dolls from kidrobot, I  think they are really cool. And cute!

There are some who get artists to design and decorate their dolls, wich lead to an unique and some really awesome results.

Enjoy your self

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