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Category Archives: books & webpages

My dad showed me this webside. I haven’t watch more than two lectures yet, but I think the side is very usefull and exciting. Ted is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.  You can watch their annual conferences, the annual Ted Prize and local TED events.

So check it out.

Enjoy your self


Just a short notice. A couple of days ago i discovered this engenious webside!

It’s called and it’s just amazing. You type in whatever you want a tutorial about, and there you go.
Tons of videos comes up, and you can just pick the one you want. Really easy!
If you need help to find out how to transfer something from one computer to an other, or from an ipod to a computer, how to cook this dish, how to play this song, how to cheat in games. EVERYTHING. If you don’t know it, then check it out. Seriously!

Enjoy your self

cute boy smokingI found this amazing webside yesterday. It’s called cute boys smoking, oh my god. I must say, I’m thrilled. They’re fantastic good looking, and on the same time, som very good pictures.

So i definitily think you should check it out.

enjoy your self