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Well, as written above, my name is Nora. Among many other things I love fotography, fotography books, novels, kingsize beds, posters, clothing, music, marcus -the boyfriend, nail polish, jazz, record players, gmail, billie holiday, fashion, john irving, iphones, rings, family, mc donalds, streetart, shoes, new york, channing tatum, cello, money, coffee, facebook, fireplaces, old people, stamps, magazines, vintage tøj, breakfeast by the water, agyness deyn, panties, wine, skateboarding, baggy pants, party, studying, youtube, homemade food, ken follet, reggae, demonstrations, travelling, airports, starbucks, marc jacobs, hotties, single reflecs camera, nutski nutski, gingers, worn out jeans, christianshavn, carla og fiona, disney, cigarrettes, cuba, singing, beer, louis armstrong, ámelie, grouchines, koncerts, candy, laughing, shopping, TV, clockwork orange, harry potter, my mother in law, cornelia, lever paté, black and white, hip hop, kate moss, lip balm, elisabeth arden, tommy hilfiger, catwalks, girl talk, sex, pub crawling, sunshine, my birthday, roskilde festival, harlem, art, henna tatoos, my fathers paintings, new york public libary, 113 cadwalader drive, number 113, vacation, jude law, garment rack, sleeping in the afternoon, kissing, natural hair, high heals, urban outfitters, mos def, miles davis, long conversations, itunes, rubber boots, polaroid cameras, big heavy books, langelands efterskole, ex boyfriends, cashmere, carnaby street, dancing, letters, the lord of the rings, breasts, fancy lamps, love, close friends, news papers, sun glasses, french hip hop, eight hour cream, the word skanky, art exhibets, photo exhibets, discussions, blogging, getting drunk, sad movies, dr. martens boots,  and so on..


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