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After the Baum und Pferdgarten show, we continued to the Royal danish Academy of music concert hall to see the Barbara í Gongini show. As before we got drinks and snacks, and was showed to our seats. This time is was a mysterious and dark show. There were about 15 models who was styled like they’ve just arrived from the dead.

BARBARA í GONGINI is a Faroese brand based in Denmark.

The aim of the company is to create Nordic clothing based on a conceptual approach to the process, where experiments with forms provide the setting for the visual motive in the design.

Barbara í Gongini creates clothing, which is at the leading edge of the trade. Barbara í Gongini furthermore participates very actively in the artistic debate in the Nordic countries. During the work, interdisciplinary co-operation with other artists within music, photography, film, etc, is emphasised and this co-operation nourishes inspiration during the design process itself.

Barbara í Gongini comprises two lines of women’s wear: BARBARA I GONGINI -the main line, and THE BLACK LINE – a diffusion line.
The collection represents these two extreme points, but must be seen as a coherent whole.

BARBARA í GONGINI – Is the creative part of the two lines where play and experiments are tested based on varying themes and it is here that art and design meet.
The results of the above process form the basic elements in the other part of the collection and present the subtle profile of the brand.

THE BLACK LINE – Is a simplification of the above and is the more commercial line of the collection and the purpose is to create a more basic line of women’s wear with a very personal and original expression of form.

The collections are released twice a year.

High quality and artistic responsibility comprises all parts of the processes. This contributes to local and global responsibility towards our customers for our products.

The collections are following the ethical rules of the sustainable principles that Barbara I Gongini is famous for.

Barbara ì Gongini was nominated for ethical award in 2010.

After the show, we were exhausted, and went home to Vesterbro, and layed our heads on the pillows at about 02.00 pm.


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