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One of my very good friends is running on a scooter. He started out scating for a couple of years, but then he opened his eyes for scooting. (btw, I’m not quite sure about the english word  for the vehicle/sport, but I think you can figure it out by looking at the photos above.) There aren’t many scooter runners ind Denmark, so it’s not something you see very often here.

It’s cool and different, and it’s nice to watch. For me, who has kindda bad nerves, it’s also pretty scary.
Joe (Johan) has been travelling a lot in Europe, in order to participate in competitions and gatherings. Recently he has also been in the States. When he was in Switzerland he won the compitition for runners under 15 on the mini ramp. He is also Scandinavias best. But all this you can watch in a short video(it’s in danish)

Hope you enjoy


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